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Unique and Inspiring surf-themed Laguna Beach hotel rooms

Surf Themed Hotel Suites In Southern California - The Casa Surf Project

Our custom-designed suites allow you to experience Laguna Beach surf culture in a unique, stylish way. The Casa Surf Project has created Laguna Beach hotel suites inspired by the brands at the center of surf culture.

Each suite has been designed to illustrate surf-meets-high-design. The suites have been meticulously decorated with elements like hand-painted and signed surfboards, underwater photo murals, and George Nelson furniture.

You will love staying in a suite where action sports icons like Billabong, Rip Curl, Etnies, Roxy, Quiksilver, L*Space, and Lost along with Riviera Magazine and Glaceau have come together with some of Southern California's finest designers to create the suites in the Casa Surf Project collection.

The following video provides some more insight into the inspiration for these Laguna Beach hotel suites.

We encourage you to share preference requests at your time of booking! Please note that specific suite assignments cannot be guaranteed due to the limited number of Casa Surf Suites in our hotel.

When you book direct, you are guaranteed the best rate possible.

Stay at a Casa Surf Suite

Men's Suite

Mens Suite in Laguna Beach

With awesome views of the Pacific Ocean, the Men's Suite is a bona fide surfer's paradise. Devised by Rona Graf of Grace Blu Design, this 185-270 sq. ft. suite creates a rustic space using natural raw materials like stone, reclaimed Indonesian wood, concrete, and glass, while also producing a groovy contemporary feel with a crisp, clean edge. Awash of subtle, soothing colors like pumice blue, taupe, and gray set the chill energy, as energetic pops of burnt orange pay homage to the color of a fiery sunset.

You'll Love

  • 185-270 sq. ft.
  • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
  • Glass Amber Pendants Creating a Sense of Moving Water
  • Views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Totally Unique Design by Rona Graf
  • Convenice USB charging
  • High Quality Bath Amenities
  • High Quality Terry
  • Stay in the Men's Suite

    Casa Surf Billabong Suite

    Casa Surf Billabong Suite at Laguna Beach hotel

    If you are even remotely interested in surf culture, you will dig this playful, highly creative suite. Designed by Michael Soriano and Lindsay Orne, this energetic suite creates a casual, comfortable, and free-spirited sensibility that evokes the dreamy and ethereal aura of the Pacific Ocean. With clever, eccentric interactive beach elements like vintage folding chairs, "grass" floors, and reclaimed wood from piers, the Casa Surf Billabong Suite delivers the ultimate beach escapade.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • The Magnetic Postcard Board and Bonfire Sleeper Sofa
    • Totally Unique Design by Michael Soriano and Lindsay Orne

    Stay in the Casa Surf Billabong Suite

    Casa Surf Roxy Suite

    Casa Surf Roxy Suite at Laguna Beach hotel

    Stay in our one of a kind Casa Surf Roxy Suite and encounter a casual verve that elicits the effervescence of summertime, surfing, and celebration. Created by Barbara Bestor, the Casa Surf Roxy Suite's bright bold colors, blue and white striped walls, and fresh modern materials come together to make a light-filled and carefree environment, ideal for beach-goers visiting Laguna. With simple furniture and works from up-and-coming artists, this suite conveys a sense of bohemian-modern aesthetic with its clean-lined sophistication and nifty beach-culture sensibility.

    You'll Love

    Stay in the Casa Surf Roxy Suite

    Etnies Suite

    Etnies Suite at Laguna Beach hotel

    La Casa del Camino's Etnies-themed guest suite with original art from Parvez Taj, and furniture made from decks and wheel embodies Laguna Beach's timeless skate culture. The Etnies Suite offers a unique and creative counterpoint to the traditional hotel suite. The Etnies Suite also features an innovative kidney-shaped skate pool sink. If you're looking for a fun, zany hotel happening that doesn't take itself too seriously, the Etnies Suite is the place to be.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • Awesome Skate Art
    • Views of the Pacific Ocean
    • Totally Unique Design by Eve Lowey, ASID

    Stay in the Etnies Suite

    Lost Suite

    Lost Suite at a hotel in Laguna Beach

    Inspired by La Casa del Camino's historic Spanish architecture, the Lost Surf Suite features a stunning Moroccan theme that employs clean white walls, intricately carved furniture, a wild surf collage, and hanging colored-glass lanterns. Formulated by Christine Hallen-Berg, the Lost Suite's streamlined space and pristine whites are carefully contrasted by hand-painted tiles and splashes of green and black.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • Jimi Hendrix Coffee Table Book and Striking Arabesque Tiled Floor
    • Views of the Pacific Ocean
    • Totally Unique Design by Christine Hallen-Berg

    Stay in the Lost Suite

    Quiksilver Suite

    Quiksilver Suite at La Casa Del Camino in Laguna Beach

    Meet our chill-but-sophisticated, vintage flavor when you book La Casa del Camino's Quiksilver suite. Conceived by Angela Tesselaar, this surf suite presents an understated luxury with its reclaimed wood, hand-forged iron light fixtures, and prominent headboard with French bronze tacking. Featuring a mix of browns, whites, and bleached oak, the Quiksilver Suite induces the classic stateliness of the hotel's history as a Hollywood hot spot during the film industry's golden age. Stay in our Quiksilver Suite to face a stylized, modern twist on La Casa del Camino's storied past.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • Playful Oil Painting of an Old Spaniard Proudly Displaying his Quiksilver Surfboard
    • Totally Unique Design by Angela Tesselaar

    Stay in the Quiksilver Suite

    L *Space Suite

    L*Space Suite Laguna Beach hotel suite

    Embrace a sense of calmness and simplicity when you book our L *Space Suite. Marked by a bright airiness, tasteful whites and golds, and a subtle Grecian theme, this Charm Logan fashioned suite provides a quiet haven in the heart of Laguna Beach. Chill out to the sound of the crashing waves and take in the breezy serenity of this understated suite.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • The Gold and Copper Leaf Painting of an L *Space Woman's Torso
    • Views of the Pacific Ocean
    • Totally Unique Design by Charm Logan and Monica Wise

    Stay in the L *Space Suite

    Rip Curl Suite

    Rip Curl Suite Laguna Beach hotel suite

    La Casa del Camino's vibrant Rip Curl Suite celebrates the sea with its giant underwater photo mural, hanging Rip Curl surfboards, and blue and green seaweed-swirled carpet, which mimics the texture of the ocean floor. With striking colors, Pacific views, and gorgeous blue LED lights above the bed, this Debbie Nassetta developed suite immerses guests in an azure bubble and invokes the feeling of calmly floating in the placid sea. Stay in our Rip Curl Suite to enjoy the mojo of the ocean as you drift off to sleep.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • The Rip Curl Lifestyle Photos in Colorful Cubes throughout the Suite
    • Views of the Pacific Ocean
    • Totally Unique Design by Debbie Nassetta

    Stay in the Rip Curl Suite

    Glaceau Suite

    Glaceau Suite Laguna Beach hotel suite

    Feel the energy of Orange County's fresh ocean breezes, sun-kissed shorelines, and refreshing currents wash over you when you stay in our Glaceau Surf Suite. Originated by Karen A. Struck and Michael J. Russell, the Glaceau Suite employs a kaleidoscope of reflective light and magical blue and white tones to awaken the placidity of the serene Pacific horizon. With serene views of the ocean, this single bed suite embodies the chill Laguna vibe. Stay in our Glaceau Surf Suite and enjoy the rejuvenating vitality of our carefully-curated Pacific-themed space.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • The Glass Bubble Chandelier Resembling a Jellyfish
    • Views of the Pacific Ocean
    • Totally Unique Design by Karen A. Struck and Michael J. Russel

    Stay in the Glaceau Suite

    Riviera Suite

    Riviera Suite hotel suite in Laguna Beach

    Conceived as a gallery with a bed, our Riviera Surf Suite offers a unique immersive space, where simplicity makes way for creativity. While giving the impression of a minimalist affair, this Peter Blake and Anders Lasater produced suite focuses on perfect architecture, mysterious lighting, subtle nuances, and letting the art speak for itself. With rotating and evolving collections from new artists, the Riviera Suite acts as a truly singular live-in gallery. Featuring Hans Wegner walnut shell chairs and classic George Nelson furniture, this carefully-curated suite provides a thoughtful and calculated occurrence for the modern hotel guest.

    You'll Love

    • 185-270 sq. ft.
    • Flat-Screen TV and Mini-Fridge
    • The Uber-Cool Hans Wegner and George Nelson Crafted Furniture
    • Totally Unique Design by Peter Blake and Anders Lasater

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    Casa Surf Accessible Suite with Roll in Shower

    Accessible hotel suite in Laguna Beach

    This Casa Surf Suite features a king bed, roll-in shower, accessible doorways, bathroom grab bars, lowered beds, LCD TV with closed captioning, toilet seat at wheel chair height, accessible vanities, strobe fire alarm system and shower chair available upon request. The suite is subject to availability.

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    Group Suite Reservations

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